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Skiing in Georgia

February 7 2024

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January 31 2024

Skiing in Gudauri

February 28 2024

Tour to Kazbegi - What to see and do there.

Kazbegi is a very beautiful and the most visited destination after Tbilisi. The views there are breathtaking due to five thousand meters high mount Kazbegi which according to many is the most beautiful mountain peak in Georgia. Nowadays the town is called Stepantsminda but many people still call it Kazbegi. The town itself is very small and peaceful and is an attractive place for cycling, mountain biking, hiking, trekking and mountaineering as well as road trip lovers due to scenic and picturesque views. Below we will tell you what to see on the way to Kazbegi and what kind of activities can be done in and near the town.
February 28 2024


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