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One day tours

Tour to David Gareja

Tour to David Gareja

50usd / PER PERSON

  One day tour to David Gareja is an ideal tour for people who have a combined interest in culture but also for those that are willing to do a short hike up to experience it. This tour allows you the opportunity to visit one of the largest monastery complexes in Georgia, that is located 90km outside of Tbilisi on the border with Azerbaijan. The monastery stands on top of a hill and offers sweeping landscapes that somewhat resemble the African Safari, although minus any lions or hyenas. The tour to David Gareja is a mix of culture and adventure offering both an opportunity to see the monastery and walk through its maze-like cells but also to climb up to the hill and view the border with Azerbaijan. An Assyrian monk, one of thirteen, founded this monastery in the 6th century, but later it was enlarged and several other monasteries were built in the same area. At the beginning of the tour, you will have opportunity to enjoy a stunning drive to David Gareja. At first you will visit Lavra which can easily be reached by a four wheel drive however in order to get to Udabno monastery, it is necessary to hike just under one hour . The hike is considered fairly easy(depending on fitness level of course) with several opportunities for photos where you can pose in front of the Georgian rainbow mountains. The nature and the picturesque surroundings make it worth the 45 minutes of physical effort. Once the hike is completed, at the top of the hill, on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan is Udabno monastery with beautiful frescoes within the monastery. It is important to note that the monastry cells were actually carved from the rock. On finishing the hike, the tour will continue to a local winery where you will have a chance to try one of our famous Georgian wines and food specialties. This will be the perfect end of the tour before coming back to Tbilisi.


Duration: 8 hours 

Destinations: Monasteries of Lavra & Udabno 

Included: Transportation, lunch, entrance to the monasteries is free 

Price: 50usd / per person in a group of 4 people 

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