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Multi day tours

Eight days including the Seaside town of Batumi

Eight days including the Seaside town of Batumi

600usd / PER PERSON

  This is an eight day (7 nights) diverse tour including hiking, sightseeing, wine, culture & on the last day visit to the Black sea coast. Tour begins in the capital, Tbilisi, where we will conduct a walking tour to explore narrow streets of Tbilisi and get more insight into this 1500 year old city! Next day tour continues to David Gareja, where guests will be able to do a two hour hike to explore Georgian Rainbow mountains, see the Azerbaijanese border and  two monasteries which were carved into the rock many centuries ago. Third day of the tour includes a visit to Vashlovani National Park, which is especially beautiful during spring and autumn. If guests are lucky they may be able to see different species from  the local wildlife. On Day 4 and day 5, overnight stays will be in Kazbegi and on day 5 guests will hike to Gergeti Trinity Church, which was built in the 14th century at the bottom of the 5000 meter high Mount Kazbeg.  From Kazbegi, the road continues to Gori with an overnight stay in Qutaisi. Gori is the home to Joseph Stalin’s home museum and an ancient Uplistsikhe cavetown. Qutaisi is the second biggest city of the country previously known as the industrial capital of the country. On the last day, before departure, guests will have opportunity to explore Batumi, the beautiful seaside town on the shore of the Black Sea. Overall, the tour lasts for 8 days (7 nights) and the last day is reserved for transfer from Batumi to Tbilisi.

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