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Three day hiking in Kakheti

Three day hiking in Kakheti

300usd / PER PERSON

  The three day adventure tour to the Kakheti region offers unforgettable hikes with some breathtaking views of the Caucasus. The first day of the tour is reserved for a hike in David Gareja area, overlooking the beautiful Georgian Rainbow mountains. The path during the hike leads to the Udabno monastery & Azerbaijanese border. The second day of the tour is dedicated to Vashlovani National Park. The park is famous for its rare wildlife including Caucasus’ leopards & antilopes. The views & landscapes are truly one of the most beautiful in the country, with various hikes available for different levels of expertise . The third day of tour takes us to the Lagodekhi National Park, where the hike one way takes two hours to reach. The final destination opens out onto a stunning view of the the 20-meter high waterfall. Dependent upon the weather conditions, it may be possible to swim at the waterfall whilst enjoying a small Georgian picnic overlooking the nature. At the end of the hike, the guests will be able to return to Tbilisi directly from the National park.

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