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Multi day tours

Ten day tour with main focus on Svaneti region

Ten day tour with main focus on Svaneti region

900usd / PER PERSON

  This is a multi day, diverse tour taking guests almost to every part of Georgia. The main focus of this tour is the visit to the Svaneti region. However, prior to Svaneti, guests will be able to enjoy a tour of Tbilisi, the 1500 year old city which for many years was under attack from Arabs, Persians, Turco-Mongols, Russians and many more. This is a historically very interesting city, with both a marriage of Eastern and Western charm. It’s geographical location positioned between Europe and Asia, makes it profound with influences from both areas.

  Throughout the tour guests will visit the wine regions as well and will be able to participate in bread baking & Churchkhela (a version of Georgian Snickers bar) made from fermented grapes. On the third day guests will leave for Qutaisi via Gori to visit Joseph Stalin’s museum and Uplitsikhe cavetown. After spending a night in Qutaisi, the group will leave for Mestia via the Georgian Gastronomical Capital, Zugdidi, where guests will be able to try food specialties from Samegrelo area and participate in Elarji(mix of cheese and corn flour) masterclass , arguably one of the tastiest dishes in the whole country. From Zugdidi the road leads north for our visit to the Svaneti region. The road up to Svaneti is extremely beautiful and scenic. Guests will spend 4 nights in Svaneti and will hike to places like Shtugra waterfall, Challadi glacier, Qoruldi lakes, Hatvsali mountain with the highlight of the tour being a FWD tour to Ushguli village, which is a home for numerous early medieval defensive towers. After the Svaneti tour, road will lead down to the Black Sea coast to Batumi with a stop in Kolkheti National Park for a beautiful a boat ride on the local lake affording stunning views of the nature of the park. There will be two overnight stays in Batumi and the last day of the tour will be reserved for transfer from Batumi to Tbilisi.

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