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Four day hiking in Svaneti region

Four day hiking in Svaneti region

500usd / PER PERSON

  Svaneti is one of the most beautiful mountainous regions not only in Georgia, but arguably in the whole of Eastern Europe. While traveling in Svaneti guests can enjoy breathtaking views & landscapes of the Caucasus and experience the mountainous culture of the region by visiting local museums and towers which date back to the 11th and 12th centuries. The five day (4 nights) tour to Svaneti is an adventure & sightseeing tour accompanied with the ultimate cultural immersion experience. During the trip, guests will have the opportunity to hike to the Shtugra waterfall in Becho valley & also to the Chalaadi Glacier near Mestia. Moreover guests will be able to view the Qoruldli lakes at from the views of Ushba mountain – one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus – are best of all. Guests will also have opportunity to take the cable car up to Hatsvali – another tall mountain with a stunning panoramic view of the Ushba peak. The most interesting part of the tour is arguably the journey to the early medieval village Ushguli – which has to be done via an Suv due to poor road conditions – which is home to numerous defensive towers from the early middle ages.

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